Basic information

Habibi is a sailing boat, a bit old-fashioned but sturdy type Colvic Countess 33 centre cockpit. see photos here

She was designed in England, finished in Cyprus, refurbished in Turkey; we bought it in Greece, took it through the Adriatic sea to Slovenia. Now we are heading back to south. Owners and permanent crew members decided that your usual vacation time is simply not enough to experience the Mediterranean way of life. We plan to enjoy our sabbatical by extending knowledge about sailing (and surviving in the nature by simple means), Mediterranean cuisine, ancient Greece and Rome, nature photography, watercolours, swimming, taking it easy, etc. We’ll do our best to promote protection of endangered marine life, esp. Mediterranean monk seal.

Since this is a blog type webpage we are sorry we can’t prepare translations of everything for you. You can see our current position, check map in travel plan and get to know the crew in appropriate menu bars. Current posts have English summaries and captions under photographs. If interface is showing you Slovenian words, press “preberi več” or simply the title of the post to read the complete post. Browse through archive (low right) for older posts. Return to mainpage by clicking “Habibi gre na jug” title.

You are more than welcome to come onboard for some unplugged life. Cruising in between Greek islands or Turkish coast means that we can pick you up at a lot of places. There are numerous charter flights and the islands are also well connected with Greek ferries.



  1. Message from Natasha (Volos)
    I read about your adventures. I hope in future to prevent any other such problems. The Greeks say: Kales thalasses(good seas, no wind,no waves)
    Keep sailing. Regards from Babis and Dimitris

  2. Thank you all three and hope we see each other again :).

  3. looks as it is 4-5 years ago this add was on. but it is still here. Is the boat still for sale ? and wonder the condition after so many years

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