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Cruising info on Santorini

Preden povemo kako je bilo na Milosu, Kimolosu, Sifnosu…se mi zdi fer do sojadralcev, da podam nekaj praktičnih informacij o Santoriniju, ki je po svoje bavbav, a vsekakor zelo vreden obiska. Besedilo bo zgolj v angleščini.

Before we start praising our time on Milos, Kimolos, Sifnos…we would like to give some practical advice to all the cruisers. Do visit Santorini / Thira; it is an amazing place. But do so out of main tourist season as well… Our visit was at the end of April, probably perfect time. Click on Read more (Preberi več).

We simply loved the place. Amazing colors, spectacular scenery, the pretty villages. Worth visiting, walking possibilities and we didn’t even do the wine tasting… True, it was not full with tourists yet, this helped a lot. So, arriving with a boat seems a problematic thing with Santorini. But then again, we consider practically all Greek places like this, so no big deal.

Vlikhada port has a problem of constant silting. Especially out of season they don’t do much. Port does not have a proper management, so it is useless to ask for advice or even call the VHF. Considering this year’s political situation in Greece it is unlikely they will do something about it by main season. It is however to be expected the dredger to operate now and then. Current depth limit to enter was 1,8 m, you should keep more to the right, not the middle of entry channel.  Anyway we (1,75 m) bumped bottom twice because of wash coming in from south, but this is unusual. Charts are also warning you about ancient mole, there should be marking buoy on the end, but there was none in April. In major season the only place free left would be outer side of the northern roundish mole. Or arrangement with some of the bigger fishing boats which are taking place inside. There is some chance to get electricity, a bit salty water and possibly you don’t even have to pay 😉 Otherwise the price was supposed to be 15 E.


1) Black beaches on the south side of the island west and northeast from this Vlikhada. Excellent holding but always some wash. What you could actually do in drop anchor near “marina” and take a dingy / walk in to check free places and depth. There is small taverna in middle of port (and small toilets) so they should tell you about it even if the manager is not nearby.

2) Beaches on east side of the island with westerlies – theory, we have no idea how it looks like.

3) Anchoring between commercial port and Fhira in caldera. On many places depth is shallow enough to allow this. The problem is very rocky bottom. Now, it depends on your anchor… use trip line…and if you dont have a problem to dive in 5 or 7 m to unhook it, you can easily try. We didn’t because there were so many other possibilities.


now this we found very reliable, we had no problem to leave the boat in normal breeze. Meltemi would be different matter, probably. Possibly you would have a problem finding a free buoy in high season, they are used by tripper boats…this time of year there was hardly anybody around.

1)      Big iron things but also a few plastic ones (I believe I saw them through binoculars) below capital, Fira.

2)      About 8 plastic ones under Oia (the village is prettier than Fira), probably very good in meltemi.

3)      Few smaller in front of Ammoudi (extreme north of Thira)

4)      Few in front of port on Thirassia island (excellent shelter in westerlies)

5)      Oon north side of Palea Kameni

6)      Quite a few on east side of Nea Kameni


1)      In commercial harbour you are turned away, we are told.

2)      Part of Fira quay is very busy with tripper boats, part could be used to go alongside.  (Stern-to problem again with rocky bottom). We saw one Jeannou there. But we also heard scary stories about the wash from superfast ferries that can push small sailing boat actually under the pontoon and do big damage. If you have a system how to keep off…or avoid the timing of “Vodaphone” boats.

3)      Small disembarking pier on north coast of Palea Kameni. We spent half a day there. When the wash from Vodaphone came…yes, very uncomfortable.

4)      Small piers in Ammoudi and Armeni under Oia, kind of too shallow.

Should see: Ancient Thira, Fira, Oia, Pyrgos (Akrotiri closed) perhaps sunset in Ammoudi or by lighthouse on south side of Thira. Walk on the rim of caldera (walking paths both north and south of Fira) and walk (swim) on one of the black beaches, and one red beach. Wine sampling (?) Climb the volcano on Nea Kameni. Could skip: walk on Thirassia, but it is amazing place to spend the night/day in the bay.

On photo right are marked the places where we tied Habibi.

Photo impressions of Santorini: two posts back!

Food sampled: excelent dishes (and the setting) in Ambroisa restaurant in Oia. Very pricy, too.


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